How to merge 2 dataset (and create duplicates) in bubble in workflow

Hallo all…
Can anyone guide me how to merge 2 dataset in bubble workflow, or how to achieve the following where the data is only populated in specific column and row? In example below, the product is “Furama Hotel Singapore SG”. I want it to appear under Lala One (Category - Column) and Day 1 (Day - Row) only.

Currently I can only display under Day 1 as Category appeared as “List” in Day Database. I managed to split the Category in another dataset however the “Day” appeared as total number of days instead of individual item.

Thank you so much in advance.

Hello fellow Singaporean!

What you can do is have a nested repeating groups. Use repeating groups for the categories within each day’s cell

Hallo @ihsanzainal84
Thank you so much for sharing… I’m not sure if my understanding of “Nested Repeating Group” means the RG inside another RG? If it’s correct, I tried but the second product seems appearing in 1 line instead of another cell…

Is there any sample I can see how it’s done to achieve what I want?..