Repeating Group - Display data from two data sources alternatively


How can I display data in the following format in the repeating group ?

Table1 Image1 | Table1 Name1 | Table1 Description1

Table2 Image1 | Table2 Name1 | Table2 Description1

Table1 Image2 | Table1 Name2 | Table1 Description2

Table2 Image2 | Table2 Name2 | Table2 Description2

Thank You

Hi there, @developer3… it is possible to get data from multiple tables to appear in the same repeating group by using the merged with option in the Data source of the repeating group to merge one search with another. That being said, I can’t think of any way to get the data to alternate the way you have described. Any chance you can provide some details about the use case you are trying to solve? With some more detail, someone might be able point you in a good direction.



First: if the Things you describe as “Table 1” and “Table 2” share so many fields, they should likely be of the same data type. So, you should consider that, @developer3.

(These sound like “Products” to me…)

But what you want to do is, in fact, possible – just not in vanilla Bubble.

Note that if you want to combine two lists of Things, they must be of the same data type and what you want to do is easiest if they are.

(Otherwise, what you’re talking about doing is breaking your two different lists into 6 different lists – Images from Thing 1’s, Images from Thing 2’s, Descriptions from Thing 1’s, Descriptions from Thing 2’s, Names from Thing 1’s, Names from Thing 2’s. What a pain, right?)

Anyway, in answer to your original question, you can do this using my List Shifter plugin (note the latest version is broken - long story - so if you use it, select version 1.7.3 as in the demo app I link to below).

Here’s a run mode example:

And here you can see its editor: Note how there’s just 1 Process List step that can accomplish this feat:

Lots of demos and discussion of List Shifter can be found in its official thread, here:


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