How to move drag/drop groups from a repeating group to a drop zone to be displayed

Maybe a drop zone isn’t the best way to do this but the idea here is to create a pipeline with a number of columns that are initially empty. Each column representing a different stage of the sales process. I’d like to be able to drag the jobs/projects from my repeating group and place them in the appropriate column and have them displayed there. I’m certain that this is doable but I haven’t figured it out yet. Would appreciate any advisement.

I believe @levon has a template available on the Bubble store or at Bubblewits that has this type of setup. Effectively, what you’re describing is a “Trello-style” interface, with multiple columns and cards that you can move from one column to another. I’d check out that template, it’s a good start!

I’d love to take a look at the workflows without buying it. I’m not cheap but I bought colony already this week. It was actually a toss up between the two templates. Any ideas on how it’s done?

Unfortunately, no. I haven’t purchased, so I haven’t ploked around. I vaguely recall seeing a thread on the forum walking people through the process, but no idea where that’s at

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I’m guessing you mean this thread


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