How to move records from type to type?

Hi Bubble Community,

Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction of a video or post about transferring data from ‘type’ to ‘type’? I imagine this would be using the backend API workflows. Users will be moving a record in a Type that may have another Type referencing as multiple subrecords.

Kind of like archiving a record from one data type to another data type (and its’ subrecord data types).

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You’d need to use a workflow. If you are “copying” an item from one datatype to another datatype with the same/similar fields, then set up the workflow to create a new thing in the other datatype and populate the fields with the content of the existing datatype. If you are “moving” the item, then it’s the same, except you would also have the workflow delete the existing entry.

If the user is doing this moving/copying here and there as they edit, then you could do it as a regular client side workflow. If you need to do a large number in bulk, then do an API (ie backend) workflow and make it recursive.

Can we do this for moving a list of records?
How can we have a recurring event that runs every day and moves all records that are 3 days old from one type to an archive type.

You should do this with recursive backend workflows.

Specify a:
list of Data Type As
list of Data Type Bs

Loop through each Data Type A and, for each field you want to change, create a workflow that changes the field on Data Type B. You can use the “Do a Search For” with parameters to find the right Data Type Bs.

Make sure you are consistent in your sorting parameters for each loop.

Thanks for your prompt response. I give it a try.