How to move repeating group data to another pagee?

Hi Everyone, My question is simple in the below image I want to move this repeating group data to another page where there is the exact same slide when the next button is clicked?
I hope there must be a solution for it.

Yes. When the “Next Button is Clicked”, “Navigate” to the other page and in that action you can also “send data as url parameter”. Here you can pass the items or their unique id’s. Then on the other page just have the repeating group data source as get data from page url or do a search for thing where unique id is in list of unique ids from page url.

Thanks for Replying
But I don’t want to navigate to other page, Basically it’s a slide where students will give answer of following questions and when students will submit the answers it will be displayed on other page.

Oh so you want the results of the questions on the next page?

Yes, you’re right.

Is the enitre group outlined in red a cell of a repeating group and the next page goes to the next page of the repeating group with different questions?

No, the text which we type in the repeating we have to show it on the other page.

Use inputs, and workflows run from an input value being changed to set custom states which can be displayed later.