How to narrow down your MVP's scope

Hi everyone,

After working with many fellow Bubblers launching MVPs, I wanted to share a strategic approach to planning the scope of your project so you can release in the smartest way possible.

When you’re planning your MVP, it can be hard to strip it down to its most basic features, but by starting with too large of a scope, you risk wasting significant time and money down the road.

Here’s a guide I put together on deciding which features your MVP should have. I hope it can help streamline your projects and make the most out of whatever resources you put into them.

Does anyone have experience starting too big? Or too small? Any processes you’ve used? Would love to hear your take on this as well!


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Great article, I myself am defiantly getting a little lost with my project and need to remain focus on the basics first. Loving bubble just need to remain focused and have a proper plan for my mvp.

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@dylan.b.anderson it can definitely feel overwhelming when you have a big idea with tons of little details, but no clean plan for building them out. I just sent along a pdf that might help you get organized. I hope it helps you out!

Nice article :slight_smile:

The most important part is the bit in the middle about narrowing down your problem and thus your initial market.

You’re selling the vision and delivering the minimum feature set to visionaries not everyone.

Don’t solve 10% of the problem for 90% of the market. Solve 90% of the problem for 10% of the market.


Thanks, @NigelG! Yes…it’s an uphill battle when the ideal user is “everyone.” It’s hard not to want to reach as many different people as you possibly can, but you have to think about solving for quality vs quantity and build out from there.

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Great article!

Extremely useful for MVPs, but lots of good reminders in there for more advanced apps to avoid scope creep.

I needed this today haha :rofl:

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@gf_wolfer I’m glad it helped! :grin: Yep…even if you already know the concepts here, they can serve as great reminders during development to keep things from expanding beyond where they should.

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