How to only show unique data field from Repeating Group

I need to only show each unique plate number once, how do I do that? thank you

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They have different unique ids try searching for them but with licence plate number instead.

Perhaps you could expand a bit about what your app is trying to accomplish. That will help guide answers.

Unique element relates to records within the Bubble database. (Ie. each new data record that you create). In this case, it looks like you have multiple records created about a single license plate.

Depending on how your database is set up, that’ll make the process of filtering based on a field like license plate much easier. Happy to share a few thoughts once you can expand on the app / current data types.

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my database now have multiple entry of YP9764P,YP6466U,YP6464A.

eg. YP9764P,YP6466U,YP6464A,YP9764P,YP6466U,YP6464A,YP9764P,YP6466U,YP6464A.

I want to only show one of each unique plate number in the RG.

eg. YP9764P,YP6466U,YP6464A.

How can I do that? sorry if my explanation is bad :frowning:

If you share a link to your editor (either here or in a private message), I would be happy to take a closer look.

My data base consist of:
Delivery No, plate number, customer contact

DO123, SYN123Z, +6512345678
DO124, SSS123R, +6512345678
DO125, SSS123R, +6512345678
DO126, SYN123Z, +6512345678
DO127, SYN123Z, +6512345678

I just want to display the plate number first item:unqiue item

Like this:
DO123, SYN123Z, +6512345678
DO124, SSS123R, +6512345678

I will try to send you the link :+1:

Sounds like a case for grouping, wrap your eyeballs around this topic

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