Duplicate data on repeating group

Hello everyone!

I noob on Bubble, and on my project an I came across this situation:
I have a Repeating Group displaying data imported by csv.
To avoid duplicate issues when importing data via csv. I would like to create a filter where the RG only displays non-duplicate elements. I’ve tried using the “unique elements” feature, but I haven’t gotten the expected result yet.

Thanks for any help, :sweat_smile:

Hello @bonora.picolli85 welcome to the community!

How are you using it? (:unique elements)

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Hello Carlos how are you?
Screenshot 2023-08-09 113347

This RG show data from data base, andwhen I use this conditional ( unique elements) show this message “change the type to text”, but if I change the type don´t work, because the RG stop to show the datas from database.

Thanks for your support. :pray:t5:

Hi there, @bonora.picolli85… try setting the data source to Search for Registros de Venda CSV, and then add the :group by operator to the expression, and group by the ID.

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Hello Mike!

Nice to meet you! Thanks for your support, Iwill try rigth now.

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