How to Organize/Re-arrange Groups?

I have a question. What would be the easiest way to solve this?
I am making a app and inside there customers can design(edit text,color) their own profile page from pre-made group templates.

My question here is how could I allow them to re-arrange the group positions, for example I’d like to swap the group positions in the image and save the position?

Hey @andero

The only way that I’ve come across allowing a user to re-order things on a page is when I’m dealing with a list that’s driving a repeating group. But of course a repeating group is just going to be a lot of the same thing with different data plugged into it. Which isn’t want you’re going for by the looks of it.

The only possible solution I could see for this (which is probably going to be clunky) would be to put your whole page in a repeating group and then be smart about how you switch things on/off.

i.e. let’s say you have 4 sections on your page. Well each row in the repeating group would need to show all 4 sections, but you would hide the 3 sections that you don’t want to show. So the result is still a page with 4 visible sections, but in fact there would be 16 sections with 12 hidden.

I know this is still quite conceptual - but that’s the only way I could see this working in Bubble other than by embedding code.

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