How to Organize Your Pages in the New Responsive Engine

Hey everyone. I just posted a new video about a system I’m using to organize my pages in the new responsive engine using reusable elements. It was in response to this topic. Hope you find this helpful!



@jacobgershkovich nice video, clearly explained. As you mentioned in this vid, would be nice to do one which goes through how to get reusable elements to ‘communicate’ with each other.

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Glad you liked it. And yes, as I was recording I had that thought for another video too haha. To be continued!

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Great video we will gonna do the same

Only problem for me is we have to many pages so there will be to many reusable elemnts without a folder system… :confused:

But yeah great one same like figma components but better lol

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Great video - thanks for featuring my post! I’m glad to say that using RE’s is working a charm and as it stands I am practically able to build a mahoosive dashboard all on one page and the UX is seamless so far. Loving it!

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