New Responsive Engine is Great!

It’s been nearly a year and a half since the new responsive engine has been available and I just wanted to say it’s such a great improvement to Bubble. There’s a learning curve to it - no doubt, but once you’ve understood the fundamentals, the benefits over the previous system are night and day. Layout and flow wise - it’s so much more flexible and predictable. And that fact we can now easily “insert” new elements into the middle of a page with 50 other elements without having to shift 37 of those elements down to make room is my favorite part.

Thank you team Bubble for the improvements!

And as for those who are still wrestling with it, I highly recommend looking over this fantastic resource on flexbox - which is the browser technology that underpins the new responsive editor.



Yup, a thousand times that. If you have ever rearranged a page on the old engine to make room for new elements, it blows your mind that it can be so easy with the new engine.


Totally agree, @zelus_pudding. And it takes a little getting used to even if you’re familiar with flexbox in general! But well worth the effort. The results one can get are just awesome and it’s way easier to style for responsive than in the “old” system.


I second this.

Apart from our main, we still have a production app running on the old engine; and whenever it requires updates, it makes me want to rip my hair completely out.

Bubble did a solid move on this.


Totally agree that the new editor was a huge win for bubble :trophy:


One of my pages on my app was running on the old engine, and it was a big part of my app’s process so I didn’t bother messing with it. I dreaded trying to rebuild the entire thing and put it off for a number of months (…close to a year).

Last week, I started working on wire framing. Then started putting all the elements in place. Finished it in 3 days…not sure why I waited that long lol

Responsive engine is the truth.


Lol, I think this was a great story for us all to hear :slight_smile:


Good point to be reminded of. At the time I thought the old Editor was “fine” but now development Bubble productivity is 100x improved.

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