How to pass data to another page with API content?


I just set-up my first API listing page. And next, when clicked on the “product details” link, I want to display more information about that product from the API source again. But I cannot figure out how to do it. I’d appreciate your help!

I set the data to send as follows:

But my Product Details page has no content input for the incoming data?

If you are setting the destination page to hold a dB entry then you should create it first otherwise it cannot show what does not exist

Do you mean to create the same table with same fields in the database section without data or import API to dB somehow? I was looking into how to do the later one but could not find out how to do it.

Yes. What you do after is create calls to update entries for changes. Hopefully, the origin has a web hook for this which makes things easier. If not you would have to build a routine to compare entries and make changes when needed.

Don’t pass it to another page.

Create a collapsable group, and hide/show. Much easier and faster.


Smart! :+1:t2: