Send API data to another page when clicking on search results


I will try to explain this as best as I can. I am building an app where a user searches through data provided by multiple API’s, and then the result they select opens another page with more data about their selection. Essentially, it is like the ticket below, except that I need more than one item - I need the “title” selection to reveal around 6 or 7 other data points in the second page.

Any thoughts?

There’s nothing really to add to the answer in the thread you linked to…

Send some unique identifying parameter (ID, item name, etc.) from the RG cell to the second page (as a query parameter in the URL), then on the second page set up a group with the data source as the API call, then use ‘Get Data From URL’ to filter the results (or make another call if you’re using a different call for the more detailed data on the second page).

If you’re using multiple APIs on your first page, you’ll need to include a way to identify which API was used (in a URL parameter) and have a conditional on the second page’s group’s data source, to ensure you use the right API.

On the second page you can display whatever data you want from the API call.