How to pass API data from one page to another

Hi all,

In my project i get all data’s from an API. My main problem is “how to pass API data from one page to another”.

A read an old post from Scriptschool about this but i connat make it work properly.

I do not understand what he means by “ensure your Single Item API in the setup (under Bubble API connector/Plugins) is set to allow that ID parameter to be dynamic

To be dynamic : how do you set this ?

In my example i want to open an “employee detail page” from “employee list page”. I try to pass the selected employee _Id
In my API i want to set this parameter:

It works if i set the value here, but cannot figure out how to make it dynamic and filled by the previous parameter EmpId sent when opening the detail page.

what’s wrong ?

many thank’s for your help !

Not sure I understand - is it your API connector that you’re having trouble with? If you want to change the EmpID value from the page itself, uncheck the “Private” checkbox inside the API connector to access that value on the page and fill it dynamically.

Thank’s for your answer. You are rigth, i was not clear.
I call the page employee_detail from the page employee_list. I pass EmpID as a parameter, then the page employee_detail can get the rigth employee record from my API. employee_detail must call my API with EmpID.

The problem is that i do not understand how the page employee_detail gets the value EmpId from the page employee_list.
In my screen shot, you can see the API call. It ask me to provide the value of EmpID. If i fill it manually it works, but i want to get it from the calling page. I cannot figure out how the value sent by employee_list page is receive by employee_detail page.

You might need to upload a few more screenshots, or a link to your editor. I’m having a hard time understanding if you need to pass page data (i.e. not data from your Database, but data from a page itself) from one open page to another, or if you are attempting to figure out a way to store EmpID into the database so that you can dynamically call that data in the GET request. Can you post a link to your editor?

Again thank you very much for the time you spend for me. I have found the solution but it was very tricky to get this field visible: