How to pass unique ID of a current user that fills a form and then logs in?

I have a flow where the user firstly fills up a form not having any unique information (a table is created with all data things) and then, inputs email in the second step. How do I pass unique Id from step 1 to step2?

This is theoretical:
Add a datatype to your first non-unique table that is of type USER. Fill it with “Current User”. Reference it in second email entry step. Officially call the “Sign the User Up” task at this point.

I haven’t tested this, but I believe Bubble spawns a unique ID in the session automatically for every user visiting the site, logged in or not / signed up or not. As long as the user doesn’t close their session between the first form and the email, it should use the same generated unique ID for both tables (your data table and user table in second step).


Thanks Jesse. That works if you want to signup the user. I do not want to do that. I found a way where we can pass information about the current user through URL to the next step and not signup the current user. I am trying this out and will let you know how it got solved. Thanks again.

Ah sorry about the non-signup requirement. I missunderstood. Yes you can pass all of your info via separate URL parms. You can also save the info via Make changes to thing… where current thing is Current User, then make your next page of type User and pass Current User, hopefully makes retrieval easier.

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