How to play a sound when a new thing is created?

hello all

i have an issue making sound play when a new thing is created, I’ve tried the toolkit JavaScript option
I’ve tried the play sound plugin from the plug ins

How else can I make it work?
Please help!!?

Hi there @networktwentyeight,

Just add it in the same WF when you’re creating the thing. You might lookup how to play sounds in JS or use the Howler plugin.

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Thank very much for this

Hi, I’ve tried it that way, still no sound

So I want the sound to play on a different page when a new thing is created

How can I do that? Is it possible?

Hello everyone

I’ve tried to trigger a custom workflow when a new thing is created, so that shows an alert message on other pages.

It doesn’t work, it givese errors or the thing that I want to show doesn’t show when setting up a trigger.

Can you guys please help,

most browsers (esp. mobile) will block sounds if they don’t come from a proper player where the user clicks on play

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Okay, so sounds can only play if it’s a native app not a web app?

exactly. you would need to use a different workflow for playing on web. (or deploy the thunkable app as a web app…). But most bubble audio player plugins will also do the job instead of the henry audio function and work on app as well as web

im just saying that browsers will block autoplay. if you linkt the sound being played to some workflow triggered by the users it might work.