Play a sound when a new thing is created

Hey all,

We have a messaging system as part of our app, I’d love to setup a Slack type notification when a new message is received.

I’ve tried various JS audio play commands but just don’t seem to be able to fire the noise. I’ve uploaded it to Bubble, and tested the S3 URL directly, and it works.

It’s not a massive deal, but if anyone has successfully managed to execute this in their app I’d appreciate any knowledge share!


I think there are a couple plugins that play sounds. Have you tried those? Search for “sound” or “audio”.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

I’m super reluctant to use Plugins, just due to the sheer issues they seem to cause so would really like to put this together myself.

I will however do that on your recommendation, perhaps there is one from a well known dev on here I can trust. Thank you.

Totally understand. Keeping plugins to a minimum is a good practice. I think at least one of the plugins is free, so you have access to the code. You might be able to glean some insights for implementing your own audio player.


If you are thinking of going to a plugin as the last resort, you could try the Howler plugin.

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Pretty cool! :smile:

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