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How to populate a list of things from an API call

Hi Guys,

I’m having an issue with making a list of things from an API call at the moment.

Here is the API call I use:

I populate the list of things via the “on page load” workflow event:

but this returns nothing in the repeating group I have configured to display the list of things.

However, if I change this action to use “create a new thing” or “make changes to a thing” I get a comma delimited string value in the first cell of my repeating group only.

I’m sure I’m missing something simple, the page is here:

I have two repeating groups on the page. The one on the right shows the API call’s result, the group ont he right should show me the data in the list of things but there is nothing :frowning: Please help!!

It seems that I must have stumped everyone. Has anyone had a moment to have a look at this for me? Are there any suggestions at all that can help me sort this issue out?

My guess is that the list returned from the API is a comma delimited list. The list in “Make changes to a list” is expecting a data type that was already defined in Bubble. Try setting the datatype as text; thus your list is a list of text.

Agreed with @Scott. Make the RG type text with same source (API call) and then the text element inside the cell should be “current cell’s text” , so this would split it and each item in the list would be in its own cell.

I can check out your link later to see if things are saving to your database properly, but with the above RG setup, it has nothing to do with your database since it pulls data directly from the API.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble