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API Data Retrieved but not displaying

Hi, I’m working on my first API connection with Bubble. I have the API setup and it’s pulling the data. I can even see the data when I Inspect the element I am trying to display it to, but it’s not actually showing on the page. What am I missing? Thanks for your help.

You need to put a text element inside the repeating group and set it to display Current cell’s text.

Each cell of the repeating group contains data that’s not displayed to the user (on the screen at least). You need to put an element inside the RG that references the cell’s data if you want to show some of that data.

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Thanks George! When I try to drop a text element in the repeating group, it’s only letting me put it above or below it, not inside?

Can you just drag the text into the RG from the element tree?

Yea that’s what I’m trying and it snaps it into place above or below the RG. Then try to drag it in and it doesn’t work. Maybe I locked the RG somehow? It’s an RG type of “text”, not sure if that matters. Have it limited to 10 rows, 1 column. The rows don’t actually show up when I’m editing, but I’ve seen them show up in tutorials/videos/screenshots.