How to post a tweet using the Bubble API connector

Before you ask, no, I will not pay for the Zeroqode plugin, yes I do believe it looks like an amazing plugin, but sadly, I do not have the funds to provide for it. So what I’m trying to do is create a platform where people can sign into their Twitter account, one of our Twitter API’s will check to see if they are following our main account (sharoontvscom) and then if they are, it’ll allow them to post a YouTube url, this will then be placed onto a manual review list, if the video doesn’t break the YouTube ToS or Twitter ToS, I will place it on the accepted list. Then once every day, I want to pull one random accepted video with a premade template tweet for example;

Hello Creators!
Today’s shoutout goes to [insert twitter handle], check out their video here! [insert video url]

But I don’t want it posting on their account, I want it to be automatically posted to our account, I don’t know if I’m over thinking it. I’ve been searching Twitter documentations, but really can’t find anything that really fits. I’m just having troubles finding a way to only having to authenticate my account rather then them authenticate theirs, that way it will only post to my account.


I would probably use Zapier for the actual posting if you want it simple.

This is probably the trickier part, and I wasn’t quite sure what you were trying to do.

Nigel, you’re brilliant! I totally bypassed Zapier as an option. Thank you! :slight_smile:
Also for the second part, we already have an API set up to check if the user signed into our website is following our Twitter profile, if the user isn’t following the Twitter profile specified in the API, it will not allow them to submit their video link. It took me a while to figure it out, but I got it working.

Zapier has issues. It keeps getting turned off.