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Use Twitter API along with Twitter Zeroqode plugin?


Starter here :slight_smile:
My use-case includes searching users by location and name via the Twitter API, which is not supported by Twitter Zeroqode plugin, but the Twitter endpoint exists !

I have understood from previous posts on this topic that Twitter Oauth1 was challenging to use natively with

So here is my question: Can I reuse within a workflow the Twitter Zeroqode authentication / Oauth1 context to then call directly the Twitter API via the custom API Connector ?
If yes, do you have any tutorials ?

Many thanks !

@redvivi - Did you ever get a response to this or solve the problem?

@mjbowe may I suggest exploring a plugin we built for this? I’d love to get any feedback or API suggestions


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Ron, just seeing your post. Thanks for sharing your plugin, wondering if there is a plan to add the ability to post user details (name, description, location, profile image etc) and not just tweets?

if not, any recommendations on how the current API can be modified for me to do. the above?

Do threads bump on here? Would love to know if anyone else has found anything interesting with the Twitter api? What are bubbles limits?

@ZeroqodeSupport @ZeroqodeTeam

What do you guys think? Something you can add In?

Hey @will6 we haven’t come across any Bubble limitations so far. As long as Twitter offers the API, you should be able to consume it in your Bubble app.

If you are looking for us to add any additional APIs, let us know! We’d be happy to include them in the plugin :slight_smile:

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Hey @jared.gibb, @will6 hope you are doing well.

There was an update last month for the Advanced Twitter API where the option to add threads was added.

I would recommend you to check the plugin’s demo page and there you could find the checkbox to activate the thread on you side.

In case you got any questions, drop us a line so we could help. :slight_smile:

Zeroqode Support Team


@ZeroqodeSupport & @Pathfix Thank you both for the insanely quick responses. People like you make this forum great. Truly appreciate it. Thanks!!


Thank you for your kind words, @will6!
Always happy to be of any assistance. :slightly_smiling_face:

Zeroqode Support Team