How to prevent repeating group elements from resizing themselves to be uniform?

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I have a repeating group set to Fit height to content: true, with a bunch of elements inside it, all set to Max height: 100%.

Hypothesis: This should make all elements in the repeating groups have their height set by the tallest element

Reality: All elements in the repeating group adopt the height of the tallest element:

As you can see, this leads to every repeating group element resizing itself whenever something is changed in a single one (e.g. when an image is attached or a dropdown menu is toggled), making page navigation tricky. This seems to happen even if I set a custom state to the repeating and resize based off that.

Is this expected behaviour? Is there a better way to do this?


Whatever group inside the RG that is pushing the cell down, should have “Fit height to content” enabled so it compresses and the cells squishes down to only what is needed. The 100% max height might be causing issues

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I decided to have a look at this myself.

It is not expected at all. Each cell might have its own height without a problem. See demo below that shows a hidden group in a cell whenever clicked on the text in the cell:

The problem is hidden groups/elements inside the cell should be collapsed when hidden, so their height will not affect the cell height:

So in your case, as @tylerboodman nicely noted, check the other hidden elements inside your cell and make sure they don’t add height unnecessarily to the cell.

You can check my example here: Tests for Forum 10 | Bubble Editor

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Thanks @tylerboodman and @hergin

I figured out the issue, I had “Stretch rows to fill vertical space” set to true


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