Resize RG cell height based upon content not working

For the comments section of my app, I am using the new responsive engine and I am trying to have my Repeating Group resize each cell based on each cell’s content (like in this answer: Resize RG cell height based upon content - #2 by tylerboodman).
I have set both my text and Repeating Group’s Min Height to 10 px and Fit height to content. But the Repeating Group is still resizing ALL the cells to the SAME HEIGHT (the size of the biggest text comment). How do I fix this and make the height of each individual cell resize to fit its content?


Hi there,

can you check and perhaps share a screenshot of your RG Apprerance settings.

Example of repeating group settings where text having dynamic and different sizes:


Thank you for your reply! I have found the culprit: I had the box “Fill vertical space” checked! I unchecked it and now my repeating group is resizing each cell’s height accordingly to its content :slight_smile:

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Glad you figure it out on your own! :smiley:

Looking forward to see you around! Have fun! :rocket:

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