How to protect more his creation website?

Hi again,

If ever we delete (or a developper who was given the login delete our webapp) is there any solution to prevent this risk ?
I mean we can edit, share our web app but can we copy it on a secured database or blockchain or i dont know to have a copy if one day its deleted (or source code ?).

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Hey @flo30,

If you are referring to the recovery of your application after deletion, I don’t believe you can. Once you click the delete button, then confirm, I think it’s gone for good.

If this wasn’t what you were asking, please clarify!

yes thats it thanks for your answer,
i was wondering if ever the app deleted is saved on an extern database to recover by asking bubble team with special procedure. Or if there is a private tool to save it outside of bubble.


I don’t believe Bubble stores your app data after deletion. @eve can you verify?

I think Bubble does store your app as well. Pretty sure I saw a thread awhile back where they recovered someone’s deleted app.

I’m really not trying to be (too much of) a jerk here, but this thread caught my attention, and I kind of hope Bubble’s answer is no. If you blow through a message that says…

"Are you sure you want to delete the app {your app name}? This will delete all your users’ data. Once you delete an app, there is no going back. Please be absolutely certain.

This action CANNOT be undone."

… and then you type the name of your app in a box and then click a giant red button that says…

“I understand the consequences, delete my app”

… should you really be able to get your app back? Just sayin’.

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Yes, because of the very reason given above. A disgruntled employee that deletes everything. Most companies have a way to recover the system even after deleted for a period of time to protect a case like this.

The first four words of the original post are “If ever we delete”… that’s the part to which I was reacting. I had considered the disgruntled employee thing as well, and I’m still not sure I’m swayed for a number of reasons I won’t bore you with. Anyway, interesting topic for sure.


Thanks for your answers

yes i meant too about employee or freelancer who delete the app and maybe even the profile, it would be nice bubble add this option (even with payment) of storing the app to recover it if ever this problem happens.

It would be nice to add a kind of sharing account option too because if i want a freelancer to make an app (or improve one’s) and finally he keeps it i cant recover it. Because if i understand well transfer of property of an app is made by changing the email adress (its also a full account transfer). The employee can decide not to transfer ones its finished.
If i have as my employee or freelancer or agency an admin session i can get online even if he changes the password and mail (both authorization needed for making the changement). A special store of recovering apps would prevent this problem as well.

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You should never give your Master login (the owner of the app) to any employee, you should invite to editor instead.

I believe that if you download app as json using the export app tool (at least it should be easy to back where you was).

Also you can add 2FA to your Master account to prevent this kind of problems.

Hope it helps.

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oh thats great i can invite to editor, i did not see this option before (collaboration) thanks. I can download the code source ? What is the export app tool its available now ?

thanks for your help