How to pull data to display in popup to edit?

Hi everyone, this forum is a life saver really.
i am struggling to edit/update record which pulls data (as dropdown options) from another datatype. Can anyone help me figure this out, as i am not able to display data in popup to edit.

Can you please share screenshots of what are you trying to do. And how did you set the things up.

Thanks Kazimdgoni,

In this popup I want to populate/display data from datatype SCHEDULE.
SCHEDULE datatype has fields coming from other datatypes VESSEL and VOYAGE as dropdown option in SCHEDULE.
When i want to edit records in SCHEDULE thru popup display data and change thing. Popup shows incomplete data and records also wont update. Any records that i open to update loses the previously entered data as well and RG shows like this.

Any help coming ?

Hey @globalwebsolutions01 ,

Start a workflow with the click of the icon when you want to show data in the pop-up for editing.

Select element actions> Display Data> In the element field give a pop-up name in which you want to display data. and in the data to display the field the data you want to display.

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