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I am trying to make an edit pop up for my app. When they click on the edit button, it will transfer that current cell’s data to a pop up with input boxes set up with the values of the that ‘thing’ as the initial content. However, this is not working and the values keep being set to empty. Any idea why this is the case?

I also get this error:


Can you share how you are passing the data into popup?

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I have a repeating group. When an icon is clicked in the cell, it will display the data into a pop up. But, now I realize that you cannot edit fields that came from the display data command. I guess my question would be is there anyway where I could transfer and edit the data from a RG in a popup?

Yes you can.

Go to your popup and setup the “data type”

now pass the current cell data into popup as-

and show in the popup as the initial data and when you are done with editing save into the database using “make changes to the thing”

Ankur@ Nocodetalks
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Thats exactly what im doing but it keeps showing up as blank. Ill send photos

Are you sure you setting up the data properly inside the popup… Check data is properly navigating across group.

omg. The data source was set up for the popup but not the group

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