Data in a pop-up drop-down to edit

I’m trying to create an element whereby on a page I click on a link in a RepeatingGroup and get a PopUp which contains information about a record that I can further add to or edit.

Some of the data has previously been entered in another Pop-up (quick add), but some can only be added via this Pop-up (full detail). It’s a bit like this:

My problem is I can get the data in the text fields to show fine - so existing data is pre-populated in the pop-up via Initial Content, but I can’t get it to work for the Dropdowns.

Are you saying that there’s data in the DB that your “Search for” should return but that nothing shows up in the dropdown menu at all?

I don’t know if it’s related, but I did report this dropdown-related bug a few days ago. It was confirmed by Bubble, but I haven’t heard anything yet about it being resolved.

Thanks but through trial and error I eventually solved it. It seemed to be more or less this issue: Dropdown default values and data types

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