How to pull repeating group's current cell info into an element outside of the group?

Hello everyone,
Sorry if the title is a bit misleading…
I have this issue, I need to pull data from the database and put it outside of the repeating group, and I need this data to change in accordance to the current cell’s number. I was only able to get the first and the last item from the database, which isn’t what I need, and when I am trying to set the dynamic data it asks for more variables and there is no end to it. Is there any other way I can do this?

You can save the data from the selected cell in a “custom state” and access this data from elsewhere.

Just create a workflow to save the information of the selected cell in a custom state. Do you know how to do it?

Thank you for the reply!
I think I would need some assistance, I haven’t used states this way before.

  1. Create a workflow to run when you click in any of your repeating group rows.
  2. In this workflow, just create a step where you change the value of your Custom State to any information about the clicked item.
  3. The Custom States are variables, accessables from anywhere in your page. So, just link the text fileds (or whatever you want) with the values of these Custom States.

Take a look here.
Link to my editor here.

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Thank you for the detailed explanation!
Unfortunately, I still don’t see what I am doing wrong. In your example you put page’s name which is “index” first, then you follow it up with your custom state which is “my_user”, and then you finish it off with your database field which is “Name”. so when I do the same thing, for some reason I can’t choose the database field from the dropdown menu, I am simply not given that option. and I also can’t leave it this way as the whole thing highlights in red implying that the sequence in incomplete.

any ideas what could be wrong?

Ohhh… yes :sweat_smile:

First you need to create your Custom State.
Sorry! I thought you knew how to create it.

You can create your Custom State in ANY element of your app. I created in the page itself. To create a custom state, you just need to click here:

In my case, you can see that my Custom State is an User. What means that it is going to store, in only one Custom State, all the information about an User. But your could be text, number or any thing you want.

Customs States were created to store data. Like a variable.

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Funny thing, as I was typing a reply explaining my issue, I started trying different things out, and it seems that I created multiple custom states with the same “current cell” name, and I also unticked the “list” while creating a custom state, not sure if that was the issue, but somehow I now see those options in the dropdown menu, and the dynamic data fixed itself on it’s own.

thank you so much for your help! I couldn’t fix this issue for weeks…

:joy: my bad!

You can see the Custom States created in your page (by clicking where I pointed) to delete the ones you are not using. Or if you need to rename them…

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