How to update a element state in a repeating group


In my app, i need to make text (which is in a repeating group) 'custom state to be the the text value.

But when i’m doing the workflow it doesn’t let me access that text. How can i do that ?

Hey @emma.vdvld :wave:

You can access the text inside a repeating group only from within the repeating group elements (if you want to be using built-in Bubble stuff). So, in practice, there should be a button (or click on the text in RG itself), that will set a custom state using the value of that cell’s some field.

This make me quite stuck tho T_T

I tried to make a custom state for the RG itself, but doesnt work either

A custom state in a repeating group is still considered global. Technically, you can get any element of the repeating group things by index number outside the repeating group.

Maybe explain what you want to do more? Because as far as I see, what you want is to click on a repeating group cell and make its value the custom state value in a page. This can be done easily.

I’m trying to make a fitness program builder.

I a input for the name of the program, a input for the name of a session, and a input for the name of an exercice.

i have a button “create the program” that create a thing “progam” connected to the field
I have a button “add a week” that create a thing “week” which first increase of +1 the value of the custom state if the button itself then create a thing with the value of this custom state, and a field “program” who is filed with the name of the program
I have a button that create a thing “session” that have a week field who is filed with the state of the “add week button” a name field who is equal the the input, and a field “program” who is filed with the name of the program
I have a button that create an exercice who has a field “session” which is filed with the “session name” input, a field “program” who is filed with the name of the program, a week field who is field with the button “add week” button state

all this works

the problem is that :
I have RG “week”
------that have a text who display the week number
------a RG “session”
---------------that have a text who display the session name
---------------RG “exercice”
--------------------that have a text who display the name a the exercice

with all the date installed, but the thing is that i cant make constraint for the exercices data search that catch the cell of the week RG value

To reach out the Current Cell's Week inside the inner RG exercise for example, you should create a group inside the RG Week with data type is the week (or same as RG Week) and source is Current Cell's Week.

Then, in the inner RG, you will access this data by just typing the name of the group + week.

not sure understand it all, but ill try (language barrier i’m french)

like this you meant ?

It should be more like this:

well there"s still the problem of setting of the text (“parent’s group week’s number”) 'sate “value” = this text, no ?

There is no problem. You text Week number will display Parent Group's Week's Whatever. And in the Search for Exercises, you will refer to Group Week's Value in your search.


Well the group has to have more than just the week, like first item or other, which contraint into the fact that you can’t take all the entire entries, no ?

The source of the group will be just Current Cell's Semaine.

And in your search, you will use Group Week's Semaine in your search constraints instead of Text Week number:

Yeah i just understood my error, thanks a lot !!!