How to "purge" the file manager

Hello Bubble’s word !

I would like to understand how to “purge” the file manager of all the things that are no longer used (images, files…) after a while, but NOT by going to the file manager but programmatically in Bubble… .


  • (1) Bubble, find me all the photos (or all the PDFs) that are more than 2 years old and destroy them
  • (2) Bubble, destroy me the “files” of which here are the urls…

indeed when we have to purge thousands of photos, we cannot do it “by hand” one by one in the file manager, but leaving them in stock at Bubble will be expensive in storage

anyone have any idea how to do it please???

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There is a delete a file action. Although it’s finicky and I don’t believe you can delete the file if you don’t have the original database record in which it was created by.

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oh yes, it’s the “delete a file” action, so I can try just now !!! thanks a lot ! it was simple but I don’t have many experience