How to Push Timecard Info & Client Invoices to Quickbooks?

I am creating a Project Management tool where employee timecard info, as well as client invoices/receipts are pushed to Quickbooks. Is this possible with Bubble? Would this be an API? A plugin?


On the surface, this seems straightforward in Bubble.

There’s a small chance it’s complicated but definitely doable in Bubble so long as Quickbooks allows any software to post this data to a client’s account (I assume they do, but just haven’t verified so can’t be 100% certain).

If there’s already a plugin for this, then you could use that (probably slightly easier than an API). If not, then you’ll probably want to pass that data to Quickbooks via an API.

To really flush this out, you’ll want to look at Quickbooks API information to see what type of API, etc. You could also look at some of the training on APIs that people have put together for Bubblers (can find links by searching the forum) to understand this whole topic better if that’s helpful.

We have just published a Quickbooks plugin that would allow you to do that and many other things

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