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Quickbooks [multi-user] plugin for accounting

Hi Everyone, has been a while since releasing new plugins due to our schedule. We’ve launched a very cool one, and in the process of adding new calls asap.

This plugin supports sandbox and live environment and most importantly does not expose your client id and client secret on the client side for optimal security.

For early adopters, you can use this plugin to execute your client id and client secret safely on the back-end of your application. Support us with this plugin now and benefit once we’ve added more calls overtime as price will then also change to reflects its value.


:arrow_right: OAuth Multi-User (server-side)

:arrow_right: Ability to define scope

:arrow_right: Exchange code for access token (server-side)

:arrow_right: GET User Profile (Action Workflow) (server-side)

:arrow_right: Refresh access tokens (server-side)

:arrow_right: GET Company Details (DATA & ACTION)

:arrow_right: Create an account



  • Added ability to create an account


  • Added API: Create a Customer