How to put condition on current cell according to previous cell's input in Repeating group

I want to implement the following conditions in a repeating group,
When the previous cell’s input is True, I want to set state 1 to current cell and
When the previous cell’s input is False, set state 0 to the current cell.
Please help me learn how to get this.
Thanks in advance,

Hi Puja,

This can’t be accomplished natively in Bubble, as you can not run workflows that target a specific repeating group cell from outside of that cell. But you may have some success setting this up using the Orchestra plugin. Check it out here: Orchestra (repeating group addon) Plugin | Bubble

You’ll want to trigger a workflow when the input of a cell is changed to target a specific cell - you can use “current cell’s index + 1” to target the next cell in line. Then update the state based on the inputs value. This will be a bit complex to get setup, but it’s doable!

Thank you so much Sam.

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