How to put list on repeating group

How can I put a list to repeating group?
Right now one of the data have list in it.
It’s showing on one cell only…
I know how to put the first and last item but I want to show all of them.

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Are you trying to show the list within logdata? There is only 1 log.

Yes the list within the log data. I intended to put one log per user there and each user will have a list of logData…

The app is read only again. If you make it editable I can take a stab.

Please check it now. Thanks!

Do search for (type):converted to list

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Looks like we’re bumping against each other…

Im not using it. Maybe some other user is checking it…

My mistake.

Hey so it looks like you’ll be getting the logs from an API

Best route to go is have an action that starts the api call to get data

Then have a backend workflow for “api run on list”

Save the data individually in the DB rather than list style.

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Hi, Yes. What I am going to do is add logs via api with my desktop software but im not sure how to do it yet. lol

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Hey Man, Have you checked it? Im still stuck on this…

You’ll need 2 repeating groups. One inside the another.

My database structure is like this
Screenshot (366)

I wanted to display Notes (list of texts) inside a RG. So I created a RG (parent RG) with type of content as Job Post and data source as a search for job posts with company name as current page’s company name.

Then I created a new RG (child RG) with type of content as text and data source as Current Cell’s Job Post’s Notes. Keep the Layout style of the child RG as Full List

Hey Man, Can you demostrate it on my app? You can edit it…

Done. It’s working now.

Thanks a lot man! Im going to try to learn the process.

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Would someone be able to help me with this topic. I have not even got close to getting this sorted. My scenario is:

RG 1 - show packages
click on more info
Pop up shows
RG1 shows a list of events contained in the RG1 (saved as a list)

I have attempted:
send info to pop up
custom states

I do not know how to put one repeating group into another. I am struggling so severely with this i wonder if i have my databases set up incorrectly. I am at the point of giving up so if anyone can help me I will be eternally grateful. I do not have a lot of money but if you require money to help me send over your prices and i will see if it is feasible.

Are you trying to display a list inside a RG?

For example if you’re trying to Notes saved as a list of texts.

Another simple method is to put the RG in a group and set the content type and data source. For the RG, set content type as text and data source as parent group’s notes. Then place a text element inside the RG as current cells text

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