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How to put the selected value on the slider input?


how can i add the current values selected by users on the slider input? Screenshot attached.

I believe initial content is only supported for the simple mode, not range.

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Hi @romanmg!

Thank you for the quick reply! Tried that but didn’t worked out. And i need the range setting in order for the users to be able to filter down options based on price ranges.

Not sure what your structure is like, but I just did this with another user:

Slider range creates a min and max value. A repeating group of products is a search for products with constraints:

Price > slider’s value: min
Price < slider’s value: max

So as the slider values change, so does the filter. Would this work for you?

Oh that part i already did! The thing im trying to achieve is to visualy put the values on the slider itself on the frontend. As shown on the screenshot. Cant figure out how to do this.

I added the numbers that you are seeing in the screenshot on photoshop. They dont show in bubble.

Got ya, yeah, you’re looking for initial content, and that’s unfortunately not available in range mode. :disappointed:

What if you had 2 simple sliders??

Oh that’s bad news! My workaround was using the grid as the steps and adding text elements with the value for that selection. Hope to see this feature added!

Oh wait, did you just want the value of each slider selection? I thought you meant a different value users were selecting elsewhere. The slider values can be shown just how you described with a text element. Same as the constraint values… text 1 is “slider’s value: min” and text 2 is “slider’s value: max”

Unless I am confusing what you need…


You are a genius my friend! That’s exactly what i was trying to achieve! Thank you so much!


Ah wonderful! :slight_smile:


and is there a way to concatenate a $ to the value?


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Hi, could you explain how you had the values “stick” to the slider handles?

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Select “Contact Format” as currency and select the symbol.


Actually i don’t have them stick to the handle. They are fixed there. But i’ll check how to achieve that. @jnbridges

Any update on how to get them to “stick” to the handles. I’ve tried to play with a group focus but can’t find a way to focus only on the slider handle, instead it is to the entire element.

I also thought using a floating group but didn’t have any success there.

Any other ideas that got it to work?


How about adjusting the slider with the text input? I tried setting the initial content on the slider but it brings a circular reference issue.
My setup is same as charliefountain’s but i used inputs instead of text elements. Help anyone?

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@charliefountain, were you ever able to figure this out? I couldn’t and ended up purchasing @ZeroqodeSupport’s rangeslider plugin to get around this (seemingly very elementary) shortcoming. That said, I’ve run into some apparent bugs with that plugin. Finding it hard to believe it’s this difficult to build a slider that displays values. I can’t really imagine a use case where a slider would be valuable without that feature.

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Hi,I assume in this thread there are people who can help me to deal with my case. I have a SliderInput as a filter and can’t get an idea how to fix my problems

i have multifiltering for job seekers

, and cannot understand where I have a mistake
here’s the screen of advanced filter, the last parameter in advanced is about the Salary

Hope you will help me, I spent countless hours to get an idea and still don’t have any

Does anyone know how to have the value fix to the slider handle? I agree with ts11 that it is hard to imagine anyone would want to have a slider without knowing what the value is that they input. Help anyone?


I’m interested in knowing an answer to madeline’s issue too. Anyone? thanks