Slider Initial Input

Quick question. Can we set up a slider to have an initial input?

Initial content you mean? This should do it.

Sweet. I wasn’t using the simple mode. Thanks.

Yes we don’t support initial content for range mode.

Hey @emmanuel – it appears at least that since 2016 the initial content option is supported for range mode, however I’m not able to make it work.

Attempting to use <- range -> to load the data from a previously saved record, but it’s not appearing. Figured I would respond here rather than post a bug/issue.


Hi @t111 :slight_smile: Here’s an example of setting the initial content of a range slider:

If this is similar to your setup and it’s not displaying as expected, can you share a link to the app editor? Just to double-check, do you have any privacy roles set up which could prevent the data from appearing as the initial content?


Thanks @fayewatson! Here’s a screenshot of the editor (unfortunately can’t share a live link as it’s part of a larger work project) – configured very similarly to your demo but not working.

“Reach (Min)” and “Reach (Max)” are each of the type Number.

I also double-checked the privacy rules and can’t see any reason why they should be causing the issue. The same data type (Saved Search) is used elsewhere on numerous occasions with no difficulty.

Let me know if you have any thoughts – really appreciate it!

Tried a couple of potential solutions, but no luck unfortunately. Seems like a bug is probably involved, so I’m going to go ahead with a report.

Thanks for the help!

@t111 Hey! Wondering if you ever figured a solution to this? Thanks!

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In case of setting defaults for a range slider, this is what I did:

  1. Added 2 inputs (input forms) of type integer and set an initial value for both (e.g. 25, and 50)
  2. Make them not visible on page loading
  3. In the Range slider for initial now you should be able to select the 2 inputs as follow: Input A’s value <-range-> Input B’s value

Hope this works for you.