How to quantify workflow units for a search

I am trying to get the number of consumed WU’s down for my app. One of the low hanging fruits is a series of custom events (all client side) that trigger one after another (daisy chain) and each step of the daisy chain has a search in it. I want to quantify the number of consumed WU’s for the entire daisy chain.

Database searches do not show up in the logs. Is there a way to quantify this?

I know this data will existing with my app metrics tab but it is buried within a whole bunch of other stuff so I can’t see how much this daisy chain specifically is consuming.

Any thoughts?

All sever action show up in the logs…

So you can see exactly what each run of each custom event is costing in WUs.

Hi adam.
thanks for your response.
Yah I know that server actions show up in the logs but this daisy chain is all client side so there are no server side actions. Therefore, nothing shows up in the logs

Well if there are no server actions then there is no WU cost.

Not according to this post from bubble:
An Update to Workload, Plus More Transparent Calculations - Announcements - Bubble Forum

Yes indeed… searches and data retrievals are server actions… (which is why they cost WUs)

That said, it does seem that workflows that only retrieve data to the page aren’t included in the logs, for some reason…

…so I guess the answer to your question is, there’s no direct way to see the costs involved for an individual search in this context.

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That’s what I thought. Thanks Adam.

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@paul29 I have had the same question as well. Maybe you can put a question to support for this and share the answer with us?

Sending an email to [email protected] now

They got back to me. Here was their response:
As mentioned in the responses to the post you made, there’s not many ways to drill into the specific WUs for an individual workflow if you can’t see that workflow in the logs.

I would say the best option would be to separate it out in a test app and run it once and then use the workload charts to see how many workload units were used during that timeframe where it was run once by that one workflow.

That said, I definitely understand why this would be very helpful information to have and I have made a note of it internally to our product team. I would also recommend posting on our ideaboard, or looking for similar ideas such as this one, and upvoting them. Our product team regularly refers to these ideas when deciding our roadmap and what features to implement, so this would be the best way to make your voice heard.

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Thanks @paul29

So looks like we need to add idea to ideaboard ourselves.

Their suggestion of doing it on test and seeing is not practical. WUs can vary on the basis of amount of data, caching etc. And many times it is not easy to isolate one particular query to be generating WUs.

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Yah, not practical is an understatement.