How to manually calculate WU using logs?

I’m trying to optimize my app and calculate WU usage, but having trouble doing so. If I look at the WU usage on App statistics for a given day, from July 14 5pm to July 15 5pm, it tells me 1590WU.

To verify, I then go on Server logs and put in July 14 5pm to July 15 5pm, and select finished running action and finished running workflow in the Advanced options and search (these are the only options I see that show WU usage). I have a google drive sheet using regex that grabs all the listed WU, and sums it up. That gives me 513.52WU, less than a third of what the app statistics says.

What am I missing here? Shouldn’t these two results be the same, or at least somewhat close to each other?

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I’ll bring this up one more time, as I could use some better understanding of how to calculate WU usage, as the logs don’t seem to show all the WU being used.

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I too think there should be an explanation

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I will also join and add that I would like a more detailed report.

For example, if I drill down into the details of the report for the day (e.g., in Workflow), I only see the total number of actions for the whole day. I can’t see how many times each action was performed during the day. But the total sum is just the sum of a single action multiplied by the number of times it was performed, right?

It would be nice to break down the report even further.

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@nickc can you shed any light on this?

This is only the WU used by running workflows. It won’t include things like fetching data to display on pages (e.g if you display a count somewhere with Do a search for:count then it won’t be in the logs because it’s not a workflow.

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That is what I figured out. So the only way of measuring overall WU usage is through the graph and the pie chart it seems.