How to randomly sort and save a list

Hello. I’m trying to randomize a list that is stored in a field. How do I do this, and save this new list?

You can use the sort operator and tick the checkbox of the option “randomized list”

Hey, thanks for the reply. I’m not seeing that checkbox. Does this help clarify my situation, since I’m using “sorted randomly”?

You can do set list and set your thing’s list field to its existing value but :sorted randomly after

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This works, thank you!

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the option is displayed when you use the list, for example in a repeating group, and you add the “sort” operator to the expression.
The logic is to randomize the diplay of the list so that is different on every page load.
If you randomize the list when you save it and display it as is it will be with the same order on every page load.