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Day/Week Schedule View

I’ve looked high and low and am not sure the best way to go about this, I’m looking at creating a view that would have time slots on the left column and users on the top, each user having their own column so they can see who is assigned what that day, something like this;

I was thinking maybe a repeating grid that would be looking at the appointments data file where the user is assigned to each appointment that has a start and end date, but my eyes are going cross eyed just trying to make it work. Any ideas?

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I, like most things, accidently figured it out.

What I ended up doing was created a repeating grid and set the users as the source. Then, added a calendar with day view only to that grid, and had it search the appointments file and added a constraint to only show the appointments assigned to that user and voila, we’re in business.

Now to make it look pretty.

Hi there,
Interesting solution.
Would it be possible that I ask further questions about this?