How to receive multipart/form data on bubble endpoint?

Hi, I am currently building a messaging application that helps people receive messages from many social media channel inboxes all in one place. This includes multiple email accounts. Each of our users of this app could connect a few domains to our app to send messages (replies) from and get replies using Sendgrid’s Inbound parse.

The problem I’m getting is that SendGrid sends the data formatted as multipart/form-data but there is no option in bubble to receive the data as multipart/form-data due to this reason I lose the attachments data attached to emails.

Is there any possible way to receive multipart/form-data on a bubble API endpoint?

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Please help

Hi Waleed,
I am not using the API format offered by bubble because of such limitations, instead I make API requests on JS via the plugin actions for example:

var sendrequest = context.request(
    method: 'POST',
    uri: "",
    headers: {
        'api_key': <api-key>,
        'Authorization': <auth>
    form: body,

Hope it was helpful
Best regards
Gabriel C.

Thankyou @bildungsreformjetzt for replying but unfortunately my problem is different, I’m not making an API call instead I have set up an API endpoint on bubble which receives data from SendGrid’s Inbound Parse Webhook to receive the data I only have two options to select from:

  1. JSON Object
  2. Page redirect (302).

I need multipart/form-data in this dropdown to be able to receive the right email data with attachments

Hey everyone, I’m facing a similar issue. Has anyone discovered a workaround for handling multipart form data in Bubble when accessing API workflow request data?

Unfortunately, there is no native way in Bubble to access multipart form data. You can use third-party tools like make, pabbly connect and zapier to receive webhooks, parse the data and send JSON object to bubble.
In my case, I had to create a node server to parse the multipart form data and send it to bubble.