Question: does bubble API workflow support multipart/form-data (content-type)?

Hello Bubbler! I am using sendgrid inbound email parse webhook to receive email into bubble, everything working good, the test email was coming, I got clear data field from endpoint with to, from, cc, subject, html content, plain-text content, attachment file info, file name…which I can understood!

However I am stuck on how to retrieve the attachment files?

There is a data field which I totally confuse: “content”: {“type”: “buffer”, “data”[37, 80, 68, 70, 45, 49, 46, 52, 10, 37, 226, 227, 207, 211,…]}, WHAT IS THESE THINGS??? If that’s some kind of data, does anyone know how to use/convert/decode it to readable files?

I am appreciated if someone pull me out of this!

screen cut as below:

I’v also try to send email to 3-rd party to test, and everything is good, the attachment file just right there!(screen cut below)

So I guess the issue is not from sendgrid side; Perhaps the problem on bubble side, does anyone could show me some idea or just some words?

Question: does bubble API workflow support multipart/form-data (content-type)?

Hi @powerpro.led , did you ever get any help or figure this out?

Never managed to make this work… I used to forward my emails to them and create an API call to bubble with the file hosted for a limited time there.

I’m working on a similar process with Azure Logic Apps (receive email, parse, send webhook with attachments to Bubble)

Any progress here on Azure Logic Apps?

Decided to make it work with AWS instead.

AWS SES receives the emails, puts them in an S3 bucket… Then, AWS SNS sends an API call to my app with the link to download the email… It then gets parsed (from base64 to email content + attachments) and uploads the attachments to my Wasabi buckets.

Got it. I opted to build something in Zapier.

I’ve been struggling with this problem for several days.
Haven’t found a solution yet?