How to redirect users based on their type

So in my app, I have two types of users: brand and influencers. And in the sign-in page, I ask whether they are a brand or an influencer. Now based on the type of user how do I redirect them to different pages every time they log in?

Hi there, @shardul… one way to go about is to have two navigation steps at the end of the log in workflow… one step that goes to a particular page only when a user’s type is brand and a second step that goes to a different page only when the user’s type is influencer. Make sense?

Hope this helps.


Hi @mikeloc, thank you for your advice. But can you tell me more about how I can implement it?

If it was me, I would likely have an option set for the user types…

and I would have a type field in the User data type that is tied to the option set…


I would then have a way (a dropdown, radio buttons, separate sign-up buttons, etc.) on the sign-up page for a user to sign up as either a brand or an influencer, and when they sign up, I would set their type field to the appropriate option from the option set.

Finally, as I mentioned in my initial response, I would have two steps at the end of the log-in workflow to direct the user to a particular page based on their type…

Hope this helps you get down a good path.


Yeah, it works just as I wanted, thanks a lot sir.

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