2 user types - 2 logins. How to do this?

Hello everybody,

I am building an app in which there are 2 types of users:
1/ Employer
2/ Employee

I want them both to login (and stored in db) as either “employee-user” OR “employer-user”

AND THEN they each have to be redirected to a different page

  • When the user is an employee --> to the employee page/ dashboard
  • When the user is an employer --> to the employer page/ dashboard

Can anybody please help me on how to do this the most easy efficient way in data(types/fields) and workflow?

Any help/insight is very much appreciated…
Thanks so much in advance !!

I’d create a field on the user called “is Employee” and “is Employer.” These would be yes/no fields, so you can have any combination of truth there. Then, you redirect them based on whether or not these fields are Yes.


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