How to refer to a table in a non related datatype?

I have an ‘Invoice’ and ‘Job’ datatype. User’s create a Job and Invoices are associated with the Parent’s Job.

Initially I pointed the table two ways, but I was advised to point only one way, so the Invoice table would reference Job.

Now, instead of the ‘create-invoice’ page being of type ‘Invoice’, it is now type ‘Job’. New invoice’s are saved to the database’s Invoice datatype and included in the save button workflow is Job = page-create-invoice's Job.

This works, invoices are indeed linked correctly with their parent Job. However, because the database points only one way I can’t reference things like invoice’s notes. For example, on the invoice I want to reference Parent group's Job's invoice's invoice-notes but of course I can’t refer to Job’s invoice, I can only refer to Invoice’s Job.

Am I missing something?

2 ways to do it…

  1. Just search for Invoices who’s Job is the parent group’s Job.

  2. Make a two way link (i.e. do what you had originally done) - personally I’d definitely suggest linking the data both ways in this case - aside from the extra workflow step required to do it, there’s really no downside, and it makes it easier to access data, filter and sort data, and apply privacy rules.

So I’d recommend the second option (link the datatypes both ways), although the first option will work just as well.

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Thanks Adam for your quick reply, what would I do without you! I think I will link data both ways as you suggest. I was just about to add this graphic to my post, but you’ve answered it now. Here’s the graphic for clarity anyway;

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