How to refer to Stripe subscription price?

Hey guys,

I have installed Bubble’s Stripe app for processing payments and loaded my API keys into Bubble, thanks to this video tutorial.

I have a product within Stripe which is charged monthly and my test payments work. But, I think I have set up a one off payment?

As you can see, I entered £8.99 but I suppose I need to refer to my Stripe account so that the payments can be taken monthly. Also, how do users update, cancel subscriptions etc?

I don’t use the Bubble Stripe plugin myself, but I’m pretty sure ‘Charge The Current User’ is just for one off payments.

For subscriptions you need to use ‘Subscribe The user To A Plan’.

Thanks @adamhholmes

My high level requirements are;

User can use my app free for 30 days
After this, they must subscribe to monthly plan
User should be able to cancel anytime and no longer be billed
User should be able to see payment receipts within my app

I am not sure how to approach all this but I’m going to work through a comprehensive tutorial I found called How to receive recurring subscription payments for your SaaS Bubble app using Stripe as that seems like a good place to start.

Out of interest, what do you use for subscription payments?

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The Stripe Bubble plugin can handle subscriptions quite well. Coupled with the somewhat recent Stripe customer portal you can implement subscriptions very quickly.

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Here’s a free Stripe Customer Portal plugin that works nicely :+1:

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Perfect thanks. In fact, this is also used in the tutorial I found - I am getting there, slowly!

I just thought, am I wasting my time setting up Stripe payments because I am creating an app, so won’t users be paying via the app store?

For example, I have just set up a function for users to update/cancel their subscription, but would they be using this or using iPhone/Android cancel feature? I’ve never made an app so I am unsure who collects the payments?

glad you found my article Darren, hope it helped :slight_smile: