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How to reflect a new account signup as a conversion events in Google Analytics?

Hi, I have Google Analytics v4 running on my Bubble site using these instructions that involve setting up Google Tag Manager and having that pipe the data to the GA data stream. So far so good.

My question now is there a recommendation on how to best reflect a new account signup in the Bubble app as a conversion event in GA? I know there are multiple ways to accomplish this. Two that come to mind:

  1. setting up a custom event in GA that looks for a URL of a thank you page for the signup and flags any pageviews to that as a conversion.
  2. setting up a trigger at the level of tag manager to fire a custom action to GA

    And I’m sure there are more ways I’m not thinking of…

My question is: is there a generally-accepted best practice here on the best way to handle event tracking and conversions in apps at this point? Ideally in a way that’s robust as we intend to at some point roll this out as native mobile apps. Would be great to have as little reworking as possible whenever we get there. For now it’s just a web app though. My gut says reflecting conversions at the tag manager level will be most durable but I’d love to hear input from folks who have already been through trial & error here and found their preferred way to accomplish this.

And bonus question here: Is GA even the best thing to use? I know Mixpanel and Amplitude are other options that are more oriented for mobile apps. Do people find sufficient value in any of these other analytics tools? Do you run multiple analytics in parallel? That would likely support the decision to config events at the GTM level since you specify them in one place and then route them to whatever analytics platforms you’re using and then in theory the data you’re looking at is at least consistent at the source… anyways thanks for any insight here.