How to Relate Data Types?

Dear Bubble community,

I need your help in connecting two data types.

I am building a quiz app. I have to implement two basic steps.

  1. Create a vacancy in “vacancy” data type.

  2. When a user start a quiz he/she saves results to “test results” data type.

So I have two data types: “vacancy” and “test results”. It is important to connect them.

When a user’s test results saved it should be connected to vacancy. At the end the repeating group should show the quiz results of the users filtered by the vacancy.

@nshikhaliyev Add a field to Vacancy type which is of ‘test results’ type. This can be a list field if there are many test results connected to one vacancy.

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Dear neerja,

Thank you for your answer.

As you mentioned I created “test results” type in vacancy data type.

However, when I create a vacancy and then user starts to answer quiz questions these data are not related. Vacancy and quiz results saved separately each in separate data type.

I think I am missing something simple. Can you show sample workflow?


Any ideas? I still struggling with this issue.

@nshikhaliyev There are 2 actions when user submits a test result

  • create a new thing (test result)
  • make change to thing (vacancy) with ‘test results’ add current user’s test result. You can also add result of first action if both actions are in same workflow.