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Hi all,

I´m having issues with my app, I would like to link two data types, including the “Name” field of one of them into the other data type, doing it manually in the Data tab it works perfectly, but when I try to automate it in the Workflow, I am not able to do it, I would like to have some advice on which is the correct way to do it.


I would like to link two data types, including the “Name” field of one of them into the other data type

I’m not sure that makes sense… you don’t link ‘fields’ from a datatype to another (or at least, that’s not the correct way to do things most of the time)… rather you link a ‘datatype’ to another ‘datatype’…

when I try to automate it in the Workflow, I am not able to do it

Why can’t you do it?

Sorry, let me explain rearrange the issue,

The aim of my app is to create an schedule system for a karting school,

I have 3 data types,

One for Karts

One for Students

One for Group

I would like to create “Group” with “Students” and each student being assigned a Kart

The way I was trying to do it was creating a field in the “Student” data type called Karts, in order to link a Kart to a Student.

And then creating a field in the “Group” data type, called Students, in order to include the Student(with a Kart already assigned) into one group.

Probably there is a much better way to do it,

I would appreciate some help regarding the best way to do it.

Best regards

Ok, so you do understand it correctly, and that’s exactly the way to do it…

But why can’t you do it? (what exactly can’t you do?)

When I go into workflow —> I create the group and the student, when I create the student, I want to add a field which includes the name of the group it is included in, and that´s the problem,

When I try to add the value of that field
Screenshot 2022-11-01 131728
which is basically an input in which you type the group´s name, it comes to this

Ah, ok… (so you don’t understand)… that’s not how it works…

If the field is of type ‘Group’, then the value must be of type ‘Group’, not ‘Text’ (which the input value is).

Again, you don’t want to store the Group’s Name on the Student - you want to store the actual Group.

So, assuming your Group field on the Student datatype is actually of type ‘Group’, you need to assign a value to that field with is an actual Group (not a group’s name)…

Without knowing your app, and the specifics of your page UX/UI etc. I can’t really give any specific help (other than to suggest reading the Bubble manual and going through the basic tutorials to better understand relational data in Bubble)…

But you’ll need some way of defining an actual group to add to the Student datatype (and I wouldn’t recommend using texts, or input values to do that).

If you’re creating the Group in a previous workflow step, just refer to the results of that step.

Thank you very much for your response, regarding your last comment on creating the group previously, it is my case, but still I don´t know why is it not allowing me to do it
Screenshot 2022-11-01 151009

Make sure your Data Field “Grupo Actual” is of type “Group” (or Grupo or whatever you named it) in your database.

Also, you don’t need to add the name here, meaning you can remove “Nombre” from the expression. So it would just be Result of step 1 (Create a new Grup...)

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You’re not setting the value to the Group… but rather the Group’s Nombre

You need to set the value to an actual group, so just use result of step 1

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