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Relate several data types into one

I have a marketplace with different products, for example (mouse, keyboards, headphones).

I have a data type “products” which contains all products important data (Reference name, Brand, Category, Image. The descriptions of the products are in different data types for each category, because I want to highlight technical data for the user. For example:

Data type “Keyboard” = ID product, Type, Connection, Switches
Data type “Mouse” = ID product, Number of buttons, DPI, Sensor

(I related the Unique ID of the products “ID product” as data field type “Products”)

I would like show the data of the selection in a search from a repeating group of products and show the related description of that product.

I use different groups for each description data types. The next example is Keyboard group that show the title and the image from the current user selection in a repeating group of products (that works). But I can not relate the product selection with the “Keyboard” data type to show its data fields.

Thank you and I’m sorry if the explanation was confused, because my English is not very good.